"Rob Murphy experimenting
with prototype dive legs
only 4 months after his accident!!!"
Cheers Matt
"It feels great to finally
be diving again with friends,
and getting some of my life back"
Rob Murphy
'When we were finally able to get started,
AneMary took right to the leg.
I used one of my proprietary suction
designs and it worked great.
She looked up at herself in the mirror
and I saw that bright smile of hers.
The next time I saw her, she just walked in
.. no walker, no canes…'
Matt & AneMary
"Little Jeff showing off
his new power ranger prosthesis,
losing his first tooth and learning
how to ride his bike all in one week!"
Matt and Scott show off
a Guy Harvey design on a socket.
Patients love the custom
patterns we can create
for their prosthesis.
Matt & Scott
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About Florida O&P Services

Here at Florida O&P Services, we are a real team. Scott, Dave, Ori, Jacinthe and I share so many core values, that it isn’t hard to work together. We are all very compassionate people and take pride in our work. We care about each other and our patients beyond just work; we are friends.
We believe that “Listening is the better half of communication.” When you are here, we sincerely want to understand you and your needs. Not everyone wants the same thing so we design your prosthesis or orthosis with you. I explain your options and tell you the advantages of each. Then we decide together.

Matt Bailey

This is my home town. I grew up in Loxahatchee, back when all the roads in that direction were one lane. We had goats and dogs and we played in the 100 acres of woods behind our house.
I went to Twin Lake High School, studied Biochemistry at Florida State, and got a second bachelors degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics from FIU in Miami. I did my Orthotic residency in Atlanta, and my Prosthetic residency in both Orlando and Atlanta. I am certified by the American Board for Certification and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.
My college roommate and I started the first Florida O&P office in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997. We expanded to 3 offices in the surrounding area before I decided I had to get back home. In 2004, the Palm Beach Gardens office was born. I am lucky to be married to a wonderful woman and the love of my life, Angie. She is from Canada and we met on a blind date! We adore our two children, Chloe and Nick. One of my big motivators in coming back home was so that we could be close to my parents, Mimi and Jim Bailey who now live in Lake Worth.
Prosthetics intrigued me in college when I worked as an EMT at a small hospital. It has turned out to be the perfect profession for me. I get to make a difference in people’s lives, I love physics, medicine and working with my hands. Fortunately, prosthetics found me.  


Orializ Gonzalez

Ori started her two year residency with us in the fall of 2015. She found her passion in helping people and working with her hands. In 2011 she made the hard decision to leave everything behind and move from Puerto Rico "La Isla del Encanto" to Florida to pursue her dream career. "In this field you get to be creative, think out of the box, work with your hands and most important, helping people. It is the perfect combination! Nothing makes me happier than being a part of something as big as a person walking with a prosthetic leg for the first time or be a part of their rehabilitation by providing them with an Orthotic brace." In her free time Ori enjoys reading, cooking, dancing and traveling.


David Whitehead 

In 1982 David was in a terrible motorcycle accident. His surgeons weren’t sure they could save one of his legs, but after hours in the operating room, they were successful. As the years passed however, David began experiencing pain in his leg. In 2009 doctors said that the only way he could remedy the extreme pain was amputation and on March 6, 2009, David’s leg was amputated above the knee. It was then, less than a year later, when David decided to do something.  “I thought that maybe I ought to just go to the gym. If nothing else, to at least see people.” So in January 2010, David got out and went to the gym. Drum roll please! On April 26, 2012, just a year after getting to the gym, David set three WNPF Florida State powerlifting records in his first-ever meet: a 285-pound Raw Bench Press record for the men’s 50-54 year old, 220-pound weight class, as well as the records for Power Curls and Bench for Reps. Since then he increased it to 305! Then on May 27 David set the USPA Florida State record for the 50-54-year old, 220-pound class Raw Bench Press. Here’s what David thinks of his achievement: “The best personal success is showing that an amputee is capable of these things.” Dave found us as a patient and in 2011 joined our staff as a prosthetic technician. He is also an Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitor specializing in lower limb amputee counseling. 

Scott Fraiman

Scott brings 40 plus years of technician experience to the practice. He relocated from California in 1992 with his wife, son, daughter and family pets to Southern Florida. His experience of fabrication has evolved in time from the primitive methods of a “leg maker” to the highly advanced techniques of today’s state of the art prosthetics. Scott enjoys cooking, gardening and maintaining a marine aquarium in his spare time. “Knowing that my contribution helps people get on with their lives inspires my drive to continue this path for years to come.”


Jacinthe Bercier

 Jacinthe joined our team in 2016. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Jacinthe moved to Florida 11 years ago with her husband and now two daughters, Abigail and Evangeline. She has been in the medical field since 2008, first with Primary and Urgent Care following by Podiatry and then an MRI facility. "I really enjoy exploring all aspects of the medical field and I love the fact that Matt and his team treat our patients with such great care. I feel like when a patient comes through the door they are coming home to family who truly wants the best for them. Jacinthe enjoys cooking, outdoor activities with her family and watching her husband play Sled Hockey.


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